The key is to success is to serve before you sell. Serve your client by delivering them the information that they want. Show them the properties that they can buy for the price range that they are approved for. If they are not approved yet, don’t demand that they get approved; suggest that they get approved. This is how the system works. This is how easy it is. I can get you in touch with a local lender who will take good care of you. This isn’t high pressure sales. We want to serve you before we sell. We want to serve your needs before we go out on the street and show that we are the experts.

When you serve before you sell, they are absolutely going to buy from you.

The homes sell themselves. The house sells itself. There is nothing that you can say that is going to make them all of a sudden love it more or like it more. It is just information that you can give to pad their decision one way or the other. The homes sell themselves. People buy from people.

Let’s remember that. Let’s serve the people before we sell the people. Let’s make sure what’s in the best interest for them rather than what’s in the best interest for us and I think that is what will turn this business around.